Hypothesis is defined by our people who consist of only the highest-level professionals in their respective areas of specialty. We have high expectations of each other and work as a team to create work we are all proud of. We are bound together by a set of core values that permeate everything we do at Hypothesis:



Doing great work is everyone's responsibility, and everyone is held to the same high standards. "That's not my job" is not a phrase we like. 


Operating at a high level requires the ability and responsibility of making your own decisions in an environment that encourages creative and bold thinking. 


A "consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.” Harmony can be considered simplicity. Finding simplicity from the seemingly complex is what we do. 



We are a group of people with a strong desire to achieve something great, and we are committed to the hard work necessary to fulfill our goals. 


A common trait we share and thus a core value is a strong sense of curiosity. We want to know why? Or, why not? 


We each take a great sense of ownership and pride in everything we create. Discipline, attention to detail, mutual respect, and confidence fuel our pride. 




We strive to maintain an open and supportive culture in which everyone feels comfortable with sharing their ideas and opinions. To foster this environment, we have weekly team meetings and regular company-wide “Town Hall” meetings (complete with a "suggestion box" designed to encourage regular input from everyone and open communication throughout the company. Recent suggestions from Town Halls that have been implemented include: "bagel Fridays," new Herman Miller Aeron chairs, coffee service, increased learning opportunities, more company social events, faster internet, and new childcare benefits.      



We’re happy when our employees are happy and we understand that everyone need time to themselves to recharge, spend time with family, or just binge on Netflix. To that aim, we’ve tried to put together a generous benefits package for all employees, so you can rest your mind and body. The package includes:

  • 401K with company match

  • Paid medical (PPO or HMO) insurance

  • Fully paid vision and dental so we can all see each other’s fabulous smiles

  • Dependent Child FSA program (for the next generation of Hypothesis employees)

  • Minimum of 3 weeks vacation

  • Multiple personal days

  • 6 paid sick days, because even superheroes have weaknesses

  • Parking or metro card fully paid

  • Christmas to New Years Day paid time off



We play as hard as we work. Throughout the year, we company-sponsored events such as parties, picnics, happy hours, ping-pong tournaments, catered breakfasts and lunches, holiday events and everyone's favorite: Bagel Fridays.  



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