We strive for a deeper, more personal understanding of your consumer and how your product, service, and brand fit into the consumer's life. As researchers, this requires an approach that is smarter, more nimble, and more open-minded, How well do you know your consumer?


Focus Groups

Always facilitated by a senior Hypothesis team member, in traditional facilities and decidedly non-traditional locations.



In home (or in-office) ethnos and tag-alongs provide a more holistic view of the consumer and customer journey.


Online Discussion Boards

Online immersive research which engages consumers using comfortable and familiar social-media interactions.


Video Journaling

An extended conversation with consumers without typical time and location boundaries, resulting in raw and candid insights. 



Pre-recruited and unobtrusive in-store observation help better understand the whole dynamic retail experience.


Bio Metrics

Neuroscience offers unique insights based on both non-conscious and conscious responses central to consumer emotions and behaviors.


Our workflow and approach
goes above and beyond.


PRE-CHATS. Much more than simple "re-screens" or pre-chats are designed to find the absolute best qualitative participants possible. We not only make sure respondents meet the "letter" of the screening criteria, but also match the spirit of who we are looking for. All pre-chats are conducted in-house by researchers on the actual project team. 

A FULL TEAM. Everything we do at Hypothesis is a full team effort, and qualitative work is no exception. For example, focus groups always include a senior moderator, a backroom logistics coordinator, and a backroom senior strategist. We also regularly include our in-house videographer and/or Designer on many assignments.

CONCEPT WRITING. Developing strong consumer-facing stimuli, like concepts, positioning statements, and positioning territories, is often critical for qualitative work. Our experienced team is used to helping our clients develop the absolute best possible stimuli for testing. We can help write and design. 

IMMERSIVE PRE-ASSIGNMENTS. We've employed many different creative pre-assignments to help create the proper mindset, facilitate discussion, and serve as a "living library" after the project is complete. Of course, we also utilize a full suite of in-group creative exercises to help elicit more emotional responses.  

HIGH-END PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO. Design  and visual storytelling are central to what we do at Hypothesis. We use beautiful photography and video to bring all of our qualitative projects to life.