Hypothesis in the News with Edmunds.com: Car Shopping and Gender Report



November 11, 2016

Los Angeles, CA - Edmunds.com recently partnered with Hypothesis to conduct a thought-leadership study on the current state of car shopping. Findings from Edmunds' Car Shopping and Gender Report, has already received quite a bit of attention from the media including CBS News, and FOX Business, and others. Noteworthy findings from the survey of 3,000 U.S. adults include:

  • The notion that women are "damsels in distress" and that men are the confident decision-makers is an antiquated stereotype. According to the study, 70 percent of both men and women feel self-assured during the car buying and negotiating process.

  • Millennial men are more likely than older men to believe that women are equally or more logical than men during the car shopping process. There was a 15 percentage point gap in gender opinion for millennials (59 percent of men vs. 74 percent of women), compared to a 27-point gap among Generation Xers (52 percent of men vs. 79 percent of women).

  • Millennial men and women feel nearly equal levels of self-assurance and empowerment during the car shopping process, with a gap of only one percent and two percent respectively between the genders. This gap widens within the older generations, to eight percent for Gen Xers and 14 percent for boomers.

  • When it comes time to close the deal and purchase the vehicle, millennial men are more confident in women than men in older generations. Sixty percent of millennial men say that women are stronger negotiators versus 50 percent of Gen X men and 49 percent of boomer men.

To see the full report and additional information about the survey, visit Edmunds' Industry Center.