Mauricio Ferreira, Hypothesis Chief Methodologist, to be Published in Applied Marketing Analytics

Mauricio Ferreira, Chief Methodologist, to be Published in Applied Marketing Analytics

February 1, 2017

Los Angeles, CA - Hypothesis is proud to announce that Chief Methodologist Mauricio Ferreira, Ph.D. has authored a paper which has been accepted for publication by the academic journal Applied Marketing Analytics. The article, coauthored with Peter Congdon Ph.D., and  Yancy Edwards, Ph.D., presents a novel statistical model to test brand competition from multiple response questions commonly found in brand surveys.

Current models of multiple response questions are either limited to a small number of brands and dimensions, rely on challenging estimations, or don't use theory to guide estimation. But the new model gives brands the ability to analyze more competitors and underlying dimensions than traditional models. It is also more predictive, and creates a practical framework to test brand competition based on managerial insights and intuitions. The net result is a better understanding of the brand competitive landscape via our brand trackers.

The article, entitled "a Bayesian Confirmatory Analysis of Multiple Response Data" will be published in the peer-reviewed journal Applied Marketing Analytics in March 2017. The journal publishes in-depth, peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of measuring and analyzing marketing performance. The journal focuses on innovative thinking, strategies, techniques, software and applied research.

The publication underscores Dr. Ferreira's leadership in the field of marketing science and within Hypothesis as the head of the Braintrust, its in-house marketing science team. The publication also demonstrates Dr. Ferreira's innovative thinking that is characteristic of all Hypothesis research. 

For more information about the article, contact Dr. Ferreira at