Hypothesis Gets Slimed

7th grade guest speakers explain the slime phenomenon in a hands-on demonstration

Gretha Seltzer (who just happens to be the daughter of Managing Partner, Jeff Seltzer) along with her 7th grad colleague, Haley, led an impressive and informative interactive discussion on slime. Those of us with kids need no explanation of what slime is, but for everyone else, slime is a mixture of glue, borax, water, and optional ingredients such as food color, glitter, and other fun add-ins. The result is something that resembles silly putty, but "so next level.”

Slime_August 17, 2017-2.jpg

Gretha and Haley explained in a rather elaborate but impressively brief PowerPoint presentation, the benefits of slime. According to Gretha: “slime is a fun art project that’s different every time so you never get bored.” Haley added, “you can poke it, swirl, and even sell it.” The girls told the captivated audience how kids set up Instagram accounts, trade slime recipes, post how-to videos, show-off their unique creations, and even sell slime (check out @slimeaquarius on Instagram).

Slime satisfies kids’ desire to create, share, experiment, discover, and do something more "real." As Gretha noted, “My mom likes it because it gets me off my phone!” It taps into a variety of play patterns, and combines hands-on, tangible play with social media. It allows kids to express themselves in a unique way and celebrates individuality. While talking about slime was informative, the real fun was getting down to business making slime. Gretha and Haley provided all the necessary ingredients for slime, plus plenty of add-ins and walked workshop participants through all the key steps of proper slime production:

Step 1: Prepare the activator (borax and warm water)

Step 2: Pour glue into a bowl

Step 3: Color your slime

Step 4: Make it yours (glitter, shaving cream, hand lotion)

Step 5: Add activator to glue bowl until proper consistency

Step 6: Name it!

Step 7: Play!

Thanks to Gretha and Haley for such a well buttoned-up presentation and workshop. Daddy was super proud, and Hypothesis staff got to feel like kids again for an hour. And, with all the kids and family work that Hypothesis does, it was great insight into an incredible trend. Plus, we now have slime to play with during intense client calls.