Hypothesis Design Work for Netflix Featured in Wired, Mashable

September 12, 2017

Los Angeles, CA -- Hypothesis' design team recently partnered with Netflix Consumer Insights Team on a series of infobites that were featured in Wired and Mashable. The team conceptualized and designed roughly 10 infobites to date in connection with the releases of Netflix's 2 newest shows: GLOW and Marvel's Defenders


Marvel's Defenders Infobites

The design team conceptualized and created 6 separate infobites connected to the release of Marvel's long-awaited Defenders which premiered on Netflix on August 18, 2017. These infobites were based on data collected from Netflix to visualize the connections between Marvel superhero shows and their hurdle shows. (Hurdle shows are the shows that lead into another show based on Netflix's mystifying algorithm.) The infobites (below) were featured in Wired, Mashable, and others.

"Netflix is one of our key client-partners and we were excited to take on a design-only project for them," said Creative Director Edahn Small. "The reason we created infobites back in 2015 was because we realized internet consumption was moving quickly into smaller, bite-sized memes. Infobites are meant to be appreciated at a glance, for both their content and design, which made them a perfect fit for this project. They're the evolution of infographics."



GLOW Infobites

The design team also worked on a second set of infobites around the theme of women helping women. The team drew from Netflix's Orange in the New Black, mapping out the relationships from the show's last season to highlight the complexity of the characters as well as their ability to put their differences aside to support one another. The team adapted the genogram: a tool psychologists used to understand family dynamics. The team built a sister infobite based on other moments in TV of women putting aside their differences to support each other. The infobites recently appeared in Hello Giggles and Bustle.  


The team is excited to continue its partnership with Netflix on more infobites in the future.