BrainTrust Brownbag Series: Pricing Research


BrainTrust, the famed Hypothesis in-house marketing science team, receives an extraordinary amount of questions from curious clients on a variety of topics ranging from larger methodological issues (“What is your approach to brand equity?”) to more tactical questions (e.g., “What’s better, a 5-point or 7 point scale?). As a response, Mauricio and his team have created the BrainTrust Brownbag series to help answer common questions and give you the opportunity to engage in a face-to-face discussion about all things advanced analytics (what could be more fun?). The 1-hour long sessions will be complimentary. The first topic will be Pricing Research:

  • Strategic vs. tactical objectives

  • Methodology considerations: Choice-based, price laddering, Van Westendorp, etc.

  • Considerations for mobile and international

  • How to interpret, caveat, and frame results for internal audience

  • Tips for visualizing and presenting findings

Interested? Please send a message directly to Mauricio to schedule your team’s session April 1 – June 30. Please message soon, as April is almost full.