Hypothesis: Deconstructed

Helping brands use insights and strategy to do amazing things is what we’re all about, but doing that for ourselves is an entirely different challenge.

Several months ago we realized that we were growing quickly, and had been growing for a while. We sensed the need to regroup and think about who we are, where we’re headed, and what we stand for. Intuitively, we knew the answers to these questions, but verbalizing and formalizing them was an important step we knew we needed to take.

Enter Momentum, our in-house group that lives and breathes brand strategy. We took ourselves through the same process we take our clients: focus groups, ideation sessions, research, and exercises to help us crystallize our mission, vision, and values. The next step? Socializing the product of our efforts within our organization in our unique Hypothesis way: with sophisticated design, creativity, uniqueness, and playfulness.

Introducing the Hypothesis Values Box. Our design team set out to select 5 things that symbolized our 5 values (including the design of the box itself):

  • a box of premium chocolates from award-winning chocolatier Milla Chocolates;

  • a set of personal development cards to support growth and well-being with insight and balance;

  • a customized power bank to empower employees when they need it most;

  • a challenge card to inspire brave acts that break free of rigid structures;

  • and unique business cards that embrace the individuality and passions of every single person at Hypothesis.

This box, unveiled right before our Summer Party, was designed to inspire and support our team to keep doing amazing things.