Storytelling isn't just a buzzword. 

For us, creating storytelling deliverables is much more than just making charts pretty at the last minute. Instead, it's inherent in the way we approach projects from start to finish. In fact, our entire workflow is focused on creating reports that reflect the idea of harmony, one of our core values.

What does that mean to you? It means reports that are beautiful, concise, and effectively communicate complex ideas in a compelling, but easy-to-understand way. They are designed for both researchers and non-researchers, and require very little or no "re-doing" for your internal clients.


Our Storytelling Philosophy

Less is more.

It's easy to create a 100+ page deck. It's much more difficult to show the same findings in 20 slides. A good story shouldn't be too long and boring. We use design to help make reports more concise and manageable. 

Organized by thought, not the questionnaire.

Rather than simply creating a slide for each question, we start with a short abstract (some call this an "elevator pitch") and organize our reports around this idea. This results in a report with a compelling beginning, middle, and end - just like a good story. 

Not afraid to leave something out. 

If it's not important to the story, why does it belong in the report? There's a reason for the Appendix.

Interpretive, not descriptive. 

We know you know how to read charts. Our reports aim to interpret the results and frame-up findings. Yes, this means expressing a point-of-view and taking a position, something that's rare but important when telling a story. 

Designed for non-researchers, too.

We realize that the end-consumers of most of our reports are not researchers, but rather stakeholders in Marketing, Finance, and Product Development among others. Our reports are designed to communicate key findings to those without a PhD in statistics.

Presentation ready.

Balancing detail with a format that's easy to present is difficult. Proper data visualization and design make it possible. In fact, part of our "QA" process is to make sure it's easy to present each and every slide. 

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