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Team Leader



Please submit a resume and cover letter with your salary requirements to jobs@hypothesisgroup.com.


Job Summary

Design and storytelling gets prioritized in all our research deliverables. We are seeking a Video Editor who embodies the passion and ingenuity to craft beautiful stories. As Video Editor, you will assemble raw video material into a finished product that evokes the intended reaction from our viewers. You will use footage from focus groups and in-home interviews to develop compelling video deliverables. The role requires great execution, strategic thinking, obsession with quality, optimism, vision, and a leadership mentality.


Summary of Essential Job Functions & REQUIREMENTS

  • Partner with Project Managers and Senior Qualitative Manager in assembling recorded, raw material into a finished product that’s suitable for inspiring and educating clients
  • Develop high-quality stories from a variety of source materials, including a creative brief, outline of footage and/or a shot list
  • Shoot footage and photos as needed, orchestrating shots to weave into a coherent story
  • Digitally cut files to assemble the sequence of film, exercising strategic judgment over which footage is necessary and the most impactful to create an end product that is “on-brief”
  • Create “rough cuts” (or assembly edit) of the film for presentation to clients
  • Ability to constructively receive and address creative feedback, pivot and adjust the rough cut as necessary to meet client expectations
  • Proven track record in employing new styles and techniques, to take the video to the next level. Ability to design graphical elements is preferred
  • Add voice overs, overlays, and b-roll elements when needed
  • Initial sound design, including recommendations on music beds that support and further the creative and directorial vision
  • Some experience with online editing duties, including technical aspects such as correcting faulty footage, grading and coloring, and adding special effects is preferred
  • Working knowledge of Premiere and Creative Suite programs is preferred



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Film or Media Studies with 2+ years experience
  • Excellent relationship building experience with cross-functional teams
  • Excellent oral, written and presentation skills
  • Willing to travel as necessary
  • Interest or ability to create motion graphics a plus
  • Interest or ability to design reports, icons, and infographics a plus